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Flomatika quietens the noise of business by providing a consolidated view of your entire value stream so you can reliably identify and support the teams that are delivering the biggest impact.
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Transform the way you see delivery

By reviewing in real-time the activity of hundreds of unique teams, processes and systems, Flomatika’s radical transparency pinpoints exactly when and where value is being created, and where to optimise next.

Flomatika Value Stream Management Platform

With dashboards that combine continuous live performance metrics and historical data, Flomatika automatically tracks progress and provides actionable insights for a step-change in predictable delivery.

Flomatika orchestrates the actions of teams and systems across the organisation ensuring that resources and capacity are closely aligned to business strategy.

Value Stream Management Platform

Anticipate potential roadblocks and get valuable insights about your productivity, time-to-market, and service levels to improve your business.

Key Benefits:
  • Radical transparency of completed, in progress and upcoming work
  • Improved decision making through customer-centric and flow-based metrics
  • Contextual analysis across different portfolios, programs, projects and teams
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Flomatika  Value Stream Management Features

Have all the information related to your delivery ecosystem at your fingertips.

Key Benefits:
  • Forecast when strategic work is likely to get delivered
  • Triage and prioritise upcoming work
  • Improve decision making and capacity planning 
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Create effective high-level business strategies based on real-time performance and productivity overview.

Key Benefits:
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    Have control over productivity, time-to-market, predictability, quality, cost and waste
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    Understand fitness level against customers and stakeholders service level expectations
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    Connect strategy to execution with an unprecedented level of visibility and transparency
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Flomatika Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Customer-centric and flow-based analytics dashboard getting you unprecedented insights on your service levels, time-to-market, productivity, predictability, quality, flow efficiency and profile of work.

Flomatika  Governance Obeya

Governance Obeya

A single ‘big room’ view of how your Initiatives are progressing with insights on value, cost, progress, risks, dependencies and blockers. Add to that some vital confidence and predictive analyses to help you be one step ahead.

Flomatika  Delivery Forecaster

Delivery Forecaster

Statistical and probabilistic forecasting to inform decision making on when strategic work is likely to get delivered and how much work is likely to be completed in a period.

Flomatika Performance Checkpoints

Performance Checkpoints

Compare performance snapshots between different points in time. Understand how your performance has changed to see if it is improving and whether your interventions are generating the expected results.

Flomatika  Performance Benchmarker

Performance Benchmarker

Compare the performance of teams and programs against each other as well as against industry standards.For healthy and meaningful comparisons, we only use metrics that allow each team’s unique context to be taken into consideration.

Business Scorecards

Business Scorecards

A dashboard with the flexibility to set a variety of business metrics, connecting strategy to execution. Ensure that teams are aligned to business goals/outcomes by making them explicit, up to date and visible.

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Having near-realtime data you trust available at your fingertips has never easier with Flomatika’s Value Stream Management platform.
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