Achieve faster and more predictable value delivery

Understand your time-to-market, productivity, predictability, quality and flow efficiency. Identify key sources of delay and hidden constraints holding you back.
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Profile of work

Understand the profile of work completed, in progress and upcoming.


key business concerns

Identify key business concerns related to time to market, productivity, predictability, quality and flow efficiency.


Flow education

Help teams and leaders understand customer-centric and flow-based metrics in a way they can leverage a Value Stream Management platform to drive systemic and lasting improvements.


baseline and compare performance

Compare end-to-end Software Delivery Performance across teams, projects, products and services as well as across time, giving you a clear understanding, at any point in time, on whether performance is improving, deteriorating or plateaued.


identify waste

Identify key sources of delay and hidden constraints hindering your ability to improve speed, increase quality and optimise value.


effective value streams

Make your Value Streams more humane and sustainable, whilst also becoming more effective and efficient.


fitness for purpose

Define service level expectation across teams, projects and services and assess to which degree your teams are meeting that expectation, and if that's trending up or down.



Understand what is actually happening in your delivery ecosystem so that you can steer the work at team, program and portfolio levels.


works for any scale

Find the insights you need across your delivery ecosystem regardless of the number of teams and variances in processes and tools used by leveraging our sophisticated aggregation and normalisation engine.


contextual analysis

Perform contextual analysis, slicing and dicing your data, drilling down or rolling it up whatever way you need.

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