Flomatika is a Value Stream Management platform focused on helping mid-market and enterprise organisations pursue faster and more predictable value delivery.
Our platform provides near real-time, end-to-end visibility into product delivery flow, helping you to understand how your delivery ecosystem is performing to more effectively govern and steer at the program and portfolio levels.

Flomatika provides actionable insights and surfaces hidden constraints which hinder the ability to improve speed, increase quality and optimise value.

This level of clarity and insight is a powerful catalyst for change, giving you the power to intervene with confidence and course correct where required.

We are passionate about enabling organisations to measure the effectiveness of their end-to-end product delivery, regardless of the scale and complexity of their delivery processes and tooling ecosystem.

Our Belief, Aim & Expeditions

Organisations manifest their purpose through projects, products and services.

We choose to help by creating a powerful catalyst for change to support enterprise value streams become performant and sustainable.

Our Expeditions
to advance towards our highest aim.


Sustainable high-performance through flow efficiency

The vast majority of enterprises haven't yet translated their delivery approaches to suit knowledge work.  They are still trying to optimise for resource efficiency, the dominant paradigm from the manufacturing age, when the paradigm in knowledge work domains such as software delivery has moved to “Flow Efficiency”.

Understanding and managing product delivery flow is something extremely difficult to do manually, especially at scale.  Value Stream Management platforms are solving this problem and enabling enterprises to cultivate sustainable high-performance through flow efficiency

Through the Flomatika platform we will work to enable, educate and propagate flow efficiency. We are committed to helping enterprise Value Streams become more humane, sustainable, effective, and efficient.


Data-driven Governance

As organisations shift from traditional gated project-aligned delivery to modern agile product-aligned delivery paradigms their governance mechanisms need to be re-imagined.  

In these fast paced and often complex delivery ecosystems we believe that Data-driven Governance is more effective, accessible and fit for purpose.  Our aim is to provide data that leaders can use to easily make sense of where intervention is required. 


AI-Powered Insights

Many of the analytics tools on the market are focused on 'descriptive analysis, which tell you what has happened in the past or is happening in the present. This is extremely helpful, but we aim to go further.

We will do this by leveraging:
- Diagnostic Analysis to help you understand why something happened in the past or is happening in the present.
- Predictive Analysis to predict what is most likely to occur in the near future.
- Prescriptive Analysis to provide you with actionable recommendations to guide you towards your goals.

Our aim at Flomatika is to be known for having popularised not only descriptive analysis of flow, but specially diagnostic, prescriptive and predictive analysis of flow. We call it AI-Powered Insights.


planning, execution & reporting

We see a large cohort of teams today who spend a large proportion of their time planning, controlling and reporting on how their initiatives are progressing.

We want to be able to make these processes easier. We want them to spend less time with manual and ineffective methods.

We believe the state of play in the industry today is ineffective, cumbersome, expensive, and at times inhuman. We are working on a sophisticated, easy to use, highly effective, and accessible set of features to support planning, execution and reporting, which will shake up traditional processes and how organisations manage their work in a groundbreaking way.

The crew
behind Flomatika

Flomatika is a fully remote, multicultural, globally distributed team.
We chose to build a game-changing Value Stream Management Platform,
and we have a very ambitious aim.

We like working with talented and ambitious people who love getting stuff done but that at the same time, are humble enough not to ruin things for everyone else. So if you're always curious, always learning, working hard towards achieving meaningful goals, and doing it all with modesty — we’d love to meet you.

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Crew Members

Meet the faces behind Flomatika.
Ann Katherine Mantele

Ann Katherine Mantele

Since 2022
Arushi Kumar

Arushi Kumar

Since 2021
Edlange Lopes

Edlange Lopes

Since 2021
Leonardo Nacimento

Leonardo Nascimento

Since 2023
Marcio Sete

Marcio Sete

Since 2020
Richard Bremner

Meghashyam Sateesh

Since 2022


Since 2020
Paul Velonis

Paul Velonis

Since 2020
Yuncheng Yan


Since 2022


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Nicola Peter
Nicola Peter
Horacio Atencio
Jessica Doedee
Lakitha Imbulana
Matt Kasekende
Robert Loomans

Our Core Values

Embrace stressors,
do better, get stronger.

We know that the human species evolves through stressors. So we welcome them, and we use them to get better and stronger every day.

Burst the

Our experience is that things don't go well when people choose to work in their own bubble. When working in isolation, we lose critical feedback loops that keep us honest and effective.

Grit and hard work
put us where we need to be

We've chosen to do something pretty ambitious: help organisations become better by improving Value Streams. We see it as a chance to improve people's lives and livelihoods.

We are
stronger together

We love pairing, co-designing, and co-creating. We build on top of each other every day. We leave no one behind.

When ideas are conflicting,
get people onboard

We expect our crew members to respectfully challenge decisions when they disagree. But once a decision is determined, we expect our people to commit wholly with respect.

Break things,
just not in the same way twice

Every time something goes wrong, we learn something new, and we put a process or bit of code in place to make sure that doesn't happen again.

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