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Agile Metrics Dashboard

Flomatika provides a best of breed Agile Analytics Dashboard to help you visualise your work.
Flomatika Dashboard
Flow Efficiency
Flow Efficiency

Normalisation Engine

Powerful Normalisation engine that allows you to compare data meaningfully across projects, programs and portfolios.

Allow your teams to work the way that best suits them, and still be able to conduct analysis at a higher level without the noise.

Rich Mapping

Self managed Rich Mapping configuration that enables you to stay up to date with any changes to your Jira configuration made by your team.

If you’re already familiar with JQL, you’ll have no problems leveraging the full flexibility of our configuration.
Flow Efficiency
Flow Efficiency

Natively integrates

Natively integrates with both the major Agile Work Management platforms, Azure DevOps and Atlassian Jira. In addition to the ability to connect to several instances simultaneously.
Flow Efficiency


Move towards a Customer-Centric perspective. Service Level Expectations are made explicit.

Enables Complex Analysis

A range of widgets and metrics that provide the ability to conduct deeper analysis as required.
Flow Efficiency
Scatterplot: See your Lead Time performance over time and be able to glean more information  on individual work items.
Flow Efficiency
See how your work in progress changes day to day and if you are able to stick to your WIP limits.
Flow Efficiency
Be able to see how your work in progress items are tracking against their SLE all in near real time.
Flow Efficiency
Flow Efficiency
Flow Efficiency

Flow Efficiency / Time in State / Summary Table

Be able to know your Flow Efficiency. Identify where your work is getting stuck.
  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal Process
  • Learning & Growth
  • People & Culture
  • Product

Profile of Work

Understand your profile of work across Completed, In Process and Upcoming Work
Flow EfficiencyFlow EfficiencyFlow EfficiencyFlow Efficiency

Move your business towards a Customer-Centric perspective. 
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