Plan, report, build continuous improvement and deliver within your Jira with Flomatika's Flow Analytics App

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Main Benefits


Quickly identify interventions needed to enable your teams to deliver faster with full visibility over productivity and value delivery timelines.


See the effects of new approaches in real time and learn how teams and programs have progressed.


Work smarter with greater clarity about the nature and expected value of all items in your backlog.

CONTINUOUS Improvement

Boast more accurate forecasting by providing teams access to an on-demand probabilistic forecasting capability.

Govern, manage, improve

Flow-based Governance of your value streams at scale.

Key Benefits:
  • Understand the fitness level of your delivery and identify which areas may need attention.
  • Enjoy greater visibility over productivity, time-to-market, predictability, quality, and waste.
  • Balance the demand distribution across the board.
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Have all the information related to your delivery ecosystem at your fingertips.

Key Benefits:
  • Spot work items requiring attention or intervention earlier.
  • Prioritise work items effectively based on profile and type.
  • Capitalise on metrics and analytics that enable deep analysis across the past, present and future.

Create business strategies based on real-time performance and productivity overviews.

Key Benefits:
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    Leverage flow efficiency, a key improvement driver for global optimisation.
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    Identify waste faster with a clear vision of bottlenecks and obstacles.
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    Balance the demand distribution across the board.

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