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Flomatika; A new era in Value Stream Management.

Flomatika; A new era in Value Stream Management.

Flomatika; A new era in Value Stream Management.

Today, after an extensive 12 month early-access program, we’re excited to officially launch Flomatika.

Flomatika offers an Australian-built platform that brings the clarity and insight you need to fully understand your product delivery ecosystem. It enables you to discover sources of delay, identify constraints, and recognise opportunities to intervene. Flomatika will give you the power you need to improve speed, increase quality, and optimise value.

No matter the scale and complexity of your organisation's delivery flow, analysing it is easy with Flomatika.

Analyse your digital transformation in real time.

We know organisations that undergo digital transformation do so for many reasons; to maintain market competitiveness, to gain an advantage, or to better serve customers through the faster release of more innovative projects, products, and services. That's why it's vital that your value stream is as effective and efficient as possible.

We’ve designed Flomatika's comprehensive dashboard to enable you to fully understand your time to market, productivity, predictability, quality, and flow efficiency across your entire business.

It allows you to baseline and track improvements to the efficiency and performance of your delivery portfolio. And, just as valuably, we can help you prove the worth of digital transformation as you introduce new approaches and interventions. You'll obtain a comprehensive understanding of how your teams and programs have evolved over time.

Answering the challenge of oversight.

Digital transformation has huge benefits for an organisation's efficiency, but with our origins in agile consulting we recognise that this throws up a key challenge for the company's leaders—governance. Different teams utilising their own processes may improve productivity, but it becomes impossible to accurately compare them and know when and how to intervene. What's more, tracking and collating the relevant data for flow management is a massive and complex undertaking which needs to be done over and over again. Not to mention the difficulties of scaling up the process as the organisation grows. 

Flomatika provides a consistent methodology to compare teams of all types and is easily configured and scalable. A sophisticated normalisation engine means your teams don't have to alter how they work, how they implement their processes, or how they structure their work items. Flomatika is a plug and play solution that can be customised to suit the needs of any organisation. 

The inside story.

Flomatika converts hundreds of thousands of data points into a few customer-centric and work-based metrics making it easy to recognise the level of performance and health across time. You can choose what data your dashboards and reports display, what KPIs are generated, and what sources of data are employed.

Recognising the value of historical data, we’ve made it possible for Flomatika to ingest as far back as you have data in your Work Management System, so you can even view a timeline of your metrics from prior to its introduction. And Flomatika works seamlessly with multiple data sources, including Jira Cloud, Jira Server, and Microsoft Azure DevOps, with support for additional data sources being introduced soon.

What's more, we have a strong vision for how Flomatika will continue to evolve. Additional features utilising sophisticated probabilistic forecasting algorithms, supported by machine learning, will be introduced over the next 12 months. These will greatly enhance your ability to plan and track by leveraging Diagnostic Analysis to help you understand why something has happened, Predictive Analysis to predict what's most likely to occur in the future, and Prescriptive Analysis to offer actionable recommendations.

Diving deeper.

Our goal is to help you understand how fit-for-purpose your teams, products, and services are within a Governance, Planning, and Delivery context.

Governance. Flomatika enables you to easily see how your iterations are progressing with insights on value, cost, progress, risks, dependencies, and constraints. You can manage product increments (PI) and sprints in one place. You can compare performance snapshots between different points in time to see if there have been improvements and how interventions have impacted the results. And you can compare the performance of teams and programs against each other as well as against industry standards.  

Planning. Maximise the effectiveness of your delivery system through triage and prioritisation. Instead of relying on team intuition and estimates, Flomatika utilises statistical and probabilistic approaches to provide more accurate forecasts. As there's continuous forecasting running automatically, it can notify you whenever a given forecast has varied outside your acceptable range. Flomatika also offers a triage mechanism with support for five of the most popular prioritisation frameworks.

Delivery. Flomatika uses your historical data to help you understand time to market, productivity, predictability, and service level. It visualises all the work in process across teams and portfolios, so you can ensure only the right things are being worked on and pay attention to crucial leading performance indicators. And it allows you to take control of your upcoming work with a clear picture of what's on your different backlogs, to maximise effectiveness and ensure you have a good triage mechanism in place.

Numbers don't lie.

A thorough testing of the Flomatika platform was undertaken by a variety of companies in a 12 month early-access program. The results were remarkable.

  • WIP age reductions of up to 71%
  • Value delivery increases of up to 34 percentage points
  • Time to market reductions of up to 70%
  • Predictability increases of up to 54 percentage points
  • Defects reductions of up to 86%

Flomatika Value Stream Management

Proud to be your catalyst for change

Flomatika offers you the most valuable resource when dealing with a complex system—clarity. Through the power of automation and AI analysis, Flomatika offers mid-market and enterprise organisations a powerful catalyst for change. 

Value Stream Management is the Future.

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