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Flomatika launches its Flow Analytics App on the Atlassian Marketplace

Flomatika launches its Flow Analytics App on the Atlassian Marketplace

Flomatika launches its Flow Analytics App on the Atlassian Marketplace

MELBOURNE (April 4, 2023) - Celebrating its 3rd anniversary, Flomatika, a disruptor in the Value Stream Management market, announced today the launch of its Flow Analytics App on the Atlassian Marketplace, previously available exclusively in a SaaS version at The App is designed to help Jira customers boost governance and supercharge continuous improvement.

The App connects natively with Jira, transforming scattered data into meaningful information and insights through focused dashboards with simple yet powerful customer-centric and flow-based metrics.

It provides the key indicators of process efficiency, including analysis of lead time, fitness level, predictability, productivity, customer value, and flow efficiency. 

It empowers product and engineering leaders to visualise and explore the profile of work going through their Value Streams (past, present and future) and make sense of how their demand matches their capability and aligns with their current strategy. It also helps with continuous improvement efforts highlighting key sources of delay and waste and spotting steps with bottlenecks in the Value Streams.

"Flow Analytics is a game-changer for organisations operating in the Atlassian ecosystem," said Marcio Sete, CEO of Flomatika. "Our App democratises insights and empowers leaders with unprecedented clarity and understanding. It reduces noise and provides clear and strong signals, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and BI tools," emphasises Sete.

Organisations using Flow Analytics show reduced lead times, better service levels, higher predictability, and improved productivity with a significant increase in delivery of value demand.

"It’s time to say goodbye to spreadsheets and BI tools. The Flow Analytics App provides a straightforward plug-and-play experience, which is ready to use, exponentially cheaper, and most importantly, provides leaders with data they can trust," said Flomatika’s CEO.

The Flow Analytics App is now available for Jira Customers on the Atlassian Marketplace with a starting price of $10 per month. Users can try the app for free for 30 days.

Visit the App page at