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Make better day to day decisions by rapidly finding your area of concerns

Make better day to day decisions by rapidly finding your area of concerns

Make better day to day decisions by rapidly finding your area of concerns

Smart Board

Today let's look at the smart board. Located within Delivery Management, this is the area to conduct deeper analysis around your delivery system. Within you can find 

Smart Board

The main premise behind the Smart Board is to be able to filter by the different concerns that you may have around your delivery system.

Blocked Items

Smart Board - Blocked Items

For example, we might be interested in looking at where all the blocked items are. You can easily identify what those items are by selecting the corresponding checkbox along the top.

Stale Items

Smart Board - Stale Items

Another concern we might want to look at is ‘Stale Items’. These items haven’t had any activity on them for a certain period of time (30 days for example).

The threshold for an item to be considered ‘Stale’ is configurable and defined at the work item level.

Delayed Items

Smart Board - Delayed Items

We can also see things like delayed items. These are items that at some point have been moved to ‘In process’ (so therefore has a commitment date recorded), and at some point moved back into ‘Upcoming Work’. So delayed items typically appear in the backlog, however it’s important to note that these items are still ‘ageing’. The clock is still ticking for when we eventually calculate their lead time. The clock does not reset when you move it back to your backlog. Therefore it’s important that we have visibility on these items, and treat them the same way as WIP ageing items.

Other Concerns

Smart Board - Above SLE

Other concerns you can filter by:

  • Above SLE - Quickly see all the items that have already surpassed their service level expectations.
  • Expedited Items - What are the items that need to go through the fast lane on your workflow?
  • Unassigned - items in WIP without anyone assigned to them could be a concern. Who is actually working on this?

AND / OR Conditions

Smart Board - AND Condition

As you can filter for multiple concerns, we’ve given you the ability to use different conditions:

  • AND for all items that meet all the concerns
  • OR for items that meet the criteria for at least one of the concerns

Smarter Board

This is just the first iteration of the Smart Board, and we’re looking at many ways to continue to enhance the smart board based upon feedback from our users.

Are there other types of concerns you want the ability to filter on? Let us know!

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