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Lean Portfolio

You can’t achieve big things if you’re distracted by lots of small things. Flomatika tunes out the noise and the distractions to ensure that what’s being done is aligned to your bigger strategic goals.
Flomatika Dashboard
Flow Efficiency

Comprehensive PPM Data Analysis

Manage your project, program, and portfolio using key performance metrics and service level expectations.

Real-time Progress Overview

Measure live progress towards top-level organisational goals, objectives, and key results by mapping directly to projects, initiatives, epics, stories, and other workflow matrix.
Flow Efficiency

Data-driven Project Planning

Use up-to-date statistical data and probabilistic forecasting. This provides actionable insights to your what-if scenarios that would aid you in project and portfolio management planning.
Flow Efficiency

Project and Portfolio Management Solutions

Gain better insights over your projects, programs, and portfolio by maximising reliable PPM features that optimise  your workflow.

Hassle-free Reporting

Experience user-friendly and interactive dashboards that give you an overview of your KPIs and overall PPM statistics. This allows you to collaborate with your team and create broader or more specific and deep-dive data reports without breaking a sweat.

Capacity and Demand Balancing

Identify available workforce and influx of demand in your pipeline to determine feasibility more accurately. Whether it be for accounting or workload assignment, you can strike the perfect balance in terms of capacity to demand through Flomatika.

Risk Management and Evaluation

Through historical data analysis, forecasting becomes more precise. Variance assessments take roadmap visualisation and scenario planning into a whole new level.  This empowers users to conceptualise contingencies that to enable the delivery of critical initiatives

Seamless Integration and Flexibility

Establish automated workflows, manage dependencies, optimise processes, and priortise projects without disrupting your workflow. Flomatika is designed to merge with your organisations systems easily regardless of their complexity.

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