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Security & Privacy


How does Flomatika access and use your data?

Flomatika accesses your work management system via it’s API using an API Access Token. We are conscious of the data we access via the API and aim to limit it to just the meta data and avoid anything that could be attributed to intellectual property. You will, however, have the option to include ‘Title' and 'Assignees’ of work items to increase convenience, but these are not mandatory.

What level of permissions are needed to be able to ingest the data into Flomatika?

We connect to your work management system via it’s native API. We’ll need credential for a user (can be a system user) that can generate an API access token, and has permission to all the projects you want to ingest into Flomatika. It’s worth noting if a particular user’s access is disabled, or permissions revoked, then the ingestion of data into Flomatika will also stop.

How does Flomatika treat data security? How does it deal with client ecosystem with high security and privacy concerns (such as a financial institution)?

Security and Privacy are important to us, and we only access meta data and actively avoid any data that stores intellectual property such as descriptions, acceptance criteria, etc. We use the same Jira credentials as the ones people use with Jira; it doesn't need special admin privileges. We use Auth0 so we don't store any credentials ourselves.



What work management tools are supported by Flomatika?

Currently we support: Jira Cloud, Jira On Prem and Azure DevOps. We have many more in our backlog to built connectors to. Some of these include: Trello, ServiceNow, MS Planner, GitHub, to name just a few with many more on the way.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can employees view a rollup of teams or groups data?

Yes, you can. The context navigation has flexibility to map to your team structure. So the higher tiers would be an aggregation of those that are below them.

If I have multiple data sources such as both Jira and Azure, do the charts display the same way?

Yes, Flomatika ingests from all your datasources and transforms them into Flomatika’s own data model. So from a user’s perspective all the charts and metrics are presented the same way. One of Flomatika’s aims is to be data source agnostic and to be able to collate all your performance data into a single view, to take the pain away from searching and jumping across your various systems.

If you want to know more about Flomatika and how we can help you solve your challenges, we would love to hear from you!