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Make work easier, faster and more accurate through a cutting-edge Value Stream Management software

Get a comprehensive view of your value stream and eliminate bottlenecks to establish a seamless workflow.
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In 2021 Gartner predicted that in 2 years, 70% of organisations will be using value stream management to improve the delivery of customer value.
- Gartner; "Market Guide for DevOps Value Stream Management platforms" (Sep 2020)

VSM Platform Features

Flomatika Dashboard

Delivery Management

Control over productivity, time-to-market, predictability, quality, cost and waste.

Understand fitness level against customers and stakeholders service level expectations.

Connect strategy to execution with an unprecedented level of visibility and transparency.

Balance the demand distribution across the board.

Delivery Governance

Transparency over the profile of completed, in progress and upcoming work.

Improved decision making through customer-centric and flow-based metrics.

Contextual analysis across different portfolios, programs, projects and teams.

Visibility on whether teams are in a state-of-flow, burning out or stuck.
Flomatika Dashboard
Flomatika Dashboard

Continuous Improvement

Evidence of whether your delivery ecosystem is improving, deteriorating or have plateaued.

Global optimisation by leveraging Flow Efficiency and Fitness Level as key improvement drivers.

Clear vision of bottlenecks, key sources of delays, and other forms of waste.

Unparalleled automated insights engine.

Understand whether your teams, product and services are fit-for-purpose. 
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