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Get a quick bird’s-eye view of your entire business in one click with Flomatika’s agile reporting analytics dashboard. Learn where your business falters and where it excels in the simplest way possible through easy-to-use power VSM tools.
Flomatika Dashboard
Flomatika Dashboard
Flomatika Dashboard


Track and analyse the progress of key results and objectives with better visibility over the teams and individuals working on associated tasks.

Delivery Management

Have all the information related to your delivery ecosystem at your fingertips in one delivery management dashboard

Continuous Improvement

Create business strategies based on real-time performance and productivity overviews.

Advanced customer-centric and flow-based metrics for Value Streams

Create greater alignment and rhythm, and process feedback, signals, and tensions inside and outside of a Value Stream.

Gain control over productivity, time-to-market, predictability, quality and waste.

Enjoy improved decision making through customer-centric and flow-based metrics.

Connect strategy to execution for an unprecedented level of visibility and transparency.

Eliminate bottlenecks and establish a seamless workflow with a comprehensive view of your value stream.

Visualise bottlenecks, key sources of delays, and other forms of waste quickly and clearly.

Gain the advantage with our rich analytics dashboard

Quickly visualise, interpret, analyse  and act upon your teams’ data before it’s too late.

Flomatika Dashboard

Value Stream Management Software

  • Improve delivery of customer value
  • Leverage flow efficiency and fitness level as key improvement drivers for global optimisation 
  • Run deep contextual analysis across different portfolios, programs, projects and teams

Agile Metrics Dashboard

  • Access to  agile reporting analytics dashboard that help you visualise your work faster and more clearly
  • Compare metrics meaningfully across sprints, projects, programs and portfolios with a powerful normalisation engine
  • Have all information related to your delivery ecosystem at your fingertips in one delivery management dashboard
Flomatika Dashboard

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