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Continuous Improvement

Create business strategies based on real-time performance and productivity overviews. Leverage flow efficiency, a key improvement driver for global optimisation. Identify waste faster with a clear vision of bottlenecks and obstacles. Balance the demand distribution across the board.
Flomatika Dashboard


Identify bottlenecks faster and  conduct deeper cycle time analysis across your workflow with our bottleneck finder.

AI-Powered Insights

Leverage cutting-edge data engineering with our AI-powered insights, providing actionable recommendations based on your performance.

Discover the Benefits

Flomatika Dashboard

Build a framework of excellence and continuous improvement:

Clear indicators of whether your delivery ecosystem is improving, deteriorating or plateauing.

Smoother global optimisation by leveraging flow efficiency and fitness level as key improvement drivers.

Greater visibility over bottlenecks, key sources of delays, and other forms of waste.

Smarter recommendations through our unparalleled AI-powered insights engine.

Continuous Improvement Features

Flomatika Dashboard

Flow Efficiency

  • Compare the time items of work spend in queues with how much time they spend being actively worked on.
  • See how the trend changes over different periods.
  • Identify opportunities for optimising flow efficiency through deeper analysis of your queues

Cumulative Flow Diagram

  • Access a CFD that conducts enterprise analysis without the noise.
  • Support analysis across multiple teams, workflows, and work item types.
  • Zoom, filter and view key statistics
Flomatika Cumulative Flow Diagram
Flomatika Cumulative Flow Diagram

Flow of Demands

  • Quantify the relationship between demand and capacity and the impact it has on delivery performance.
  • Help teams take control of their WIP by quantifying the relationship between their commitments and what they can deliver.

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