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You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Have a clear view of the key health metrics of your delivery teams.
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Fitness Criteria

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.
Get a clear view of your delivery teams’ key health metrics.

Flomatika Dashboard

Check the health of your system in a snapshot

Keep on top of flow unit delivery time

Understand how long it takes for items to be completed once they are committed.

Flomatika Dashboard

Create more value for your customers

Measure, visualise, and leverage flow-based metrics and analytics to maximise customer value.

Flomatika Customer Value

Maintain highly predictability across the board

Gain better visibility over the predictability of your teams speed and productivity.

Flomatika Predictability

Have the data to make the right interventions

Quantify the relation between your delivery groups’ demand and capacity, and its impact on their performance over time.

Flomatika Productivity

Have the data to maximise customer value and satisfaction

Set your customers’ Service Level Expectation, and ensure your teams are meeting them every time.

Flomatika Dashboard SLE

Utilise the best measure of global optimisation

Identify your key sources of delay and get actionable insights for optimising handovers and transitions between teams.

Flomatika Dashboard

Start Measuring Top-Level Metrics effectively using Flomatika 
and transform your delivery ecosystem.