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Source of Delay

and Waste

Make smarter decisions with better data and a clear view of delivery demand versus your teams’ capacity.
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Sources of Delay and Waste

Identify your biggest sources of waste and delay so you can make the right interventions in the right areas to improve your overall value stream.

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Pinpoint bottlenecks in your workflow faster

What is the right WIP level?

Help Value Streams identify the optimal WIP levels for your different teams and team-of-teams as is vital for every workflow.

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Are there inactive items in your WIP?

Identify items with no activity for long periods and visualise how much of your WIP is receiving attention versus how much has been forgotten.

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Have you been tracking discards and wasted efforts?

Understand the health of your triage with more visibility over discarded items, both before and after the commitment point.

Flomatika Predictability
Flomatika Predictability

Is your delivery system’s performance degrading?

Flow Debt helps you spot slow items in flight faster by comparing your historical delivery lead times with your current WIP ages.

Flomatika Productivity

Where are your items spending most of their time?

Reduce lead times by pinpointing the longest queues in your delivery system innovating ways to clear them faster.

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Are Items regularly moving backwards in your workflow?

Diagnose quality issues and systemic problems in your workflow by identifying items repeatedly moving backwards.

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