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Delivery Management

Have all the information related to your delivery ecosystem at your fingertips so you can spot items requiring attention or intervention, prioritise work items based on profile and type, and view the progress of low units through a closer and more magnified lens.
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Quickly surface the various key concerns in your delivery to easily identify the specific work items that require attention or intervention.

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Explore comprehensive visualisations of all the ways you categorise your work, such as their distribution as well as key trends over time.

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Discover the Benefits

Flomatika Dashboard

The Flomatika difference / The Flomatika advantage:

Radical transparency over your profile of work across completed, in progress and upcoming work.

Improved decision making through customer-centric and flow-based metrics.

Smarter contextual analysis across different portfolios, programs, projects and teams.

Greater visibility over whether your  teams are in states of flow, burnout or paralysis.

Delivery Management Features

Flomatika Dashboard

Run Chart

  • Visualise across several perspectives of completed work, work In process and upcoming work.
  • See at what rate teams, products and services are introduced into your system, your WIP levels, and completion rates over time.

Flow Items

  • View all the key fields of your work items without consulting your source system.
  • Conduct analysis on the fly for better daily decisions.
  • Track your work in progress items against their SLE in near real time.
Flomatika Cumulative Flow Diagram
Flomatika Cumulative Flow Diagram


  • Check your lead time performance over time and reap more information on individual work items.
  • Examine how your work in progress changes day to day and if you are sticking to your WIP limits.

Understand your profile of work across completed, in process and upcoming work

  • Utilise your historical data to support governance, better understand times to market, productivity, predictability and service levels, and inform statistical and probabilistic forecasts
  • Visualise all the work in process across your teams and portfolios to prioritise effectively, ensure the right things are being worked on and monitor crucial leading performance indicators
  • Maximise effectiveness and sense check your triage system with a clear picture of all upcoming work and existing backlogs

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