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Quickly surface the various key concerns in your delivery to easily identify the specific work items that require attention or intervention.
Flomatika Dashboard

Smart Board

Get visibility into the state of your delivery.

Quickly surface all the key concerns in your delivery and see the specific work items that require your attention.

Flomatika Dashboard

See your system’s health in a snapshot

Visualise your flow of work to quickly surface work items receiving attention versus how many have been forgotten.

Filter Items by Concern

Allow delivery leads, scrum masters and teams to rapidly and conveniently identify concern items early and maintain timely value delivery.

Easy Access and Monitoring

Access all your work items without switching from your existing work system, so your teams can minimise manual and siloed tracking, and spend more time delivering value.

Make the invisible, visible.

Never leave any important items unattended, unchecked and unworked to ensure an effective flow of work.

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