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Get ready for  radical visibility over your work, from the macro right down to the micro. With our cutting-edge data engineering you can manage all your initiatives in one place, get critical insight on value, progress, risk and dependencies, and use predictive analysis to always stay a step ahead.
Flomatika Dashboard


Track and analyse the progress of key results and objectives with better visibility over the teams and individuals working on associated tasks.


Filter by level, work item types, even individual objectives and key results, to evaluate the true scope of your initiatives.

Predictive Analysis

Leverage your team’s historical performance for a probabilistic forecast on the likelihood of achieving the desired delivery date.


Visualise plans and understand the impact of any delays through a timeline view of the work, its sequencing and dependencies.

Discover the Benefits

Flomatika Dashboard

Lean Portfolio Management

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    Comprehensive PPM Data Analysis with an agile reporting tool
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    Employ data-driven project forecasting software to gain actionable insights into your what-if scenarios for more accurate project and portfolio management planning
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    Experience interactive Project management KPI dashboards that give you an overall PPM statistics view
Flomatika Dashboard

The power of Governance Obeya

Cut through the noise with a consolidated view of your entire value stream in a single dashboard.

Provide transparency on progress and track dependencies, risks and issues against your portfolio of work.

Maintain the link between business goals and delivery, and track progress in real-time by connecting your key results directly to your work items.

Expend less effort on manual reporting and
enjoy more time to work on strategic business goals and apply valuable insights.

Maintain visibility, transparency and alignment to strategic goals, whilst providing agile teams with the autonomy to deliver work faster.

Leverage sophisticated forecasting algorithms to help plan and identify potential delays to your delivery schedule.

Governance Obeya Features

Faster, smarter and more predictable value delivery.

Flomatika Dashboard


  • Access relevant risks, in one single view.
  • Surface the risks that require cross team discussion.
  • Focus on risks alone in a forum such as a scrum of scrum.


  • Surface only the dependencies of concern at the team of teams level.
  • Transfer a set of dependencies from your work management system or record them directly into the Obeya.
  • Prioritise and manage dependencies that are relevant to your team of teams.
Flomatika Cumulative Flow Diagram
Flomatika Cumulative Flow Diagram

Scope burn up/down

  • Automatically generate burn up/down charts to spend less time on manual reports and more time gaining and applying insights.
  • Show overall progress against a scope of work in seconds and enable delivery managers to analyse if they are running on track, ahead or falling behind.
  • Use burn up graphs to reveal how any additional work affected the likelihood of completing the entire scope by the end of the timebox.

Ready for some radical transparency?