Platform / Delivery Governance



Have all the information related to your delivery ecosystem at your fingertips. Connect your strategy to execution. Understand how your teams, products and services are improving over time. See how they compare to others inside and outside your organisation.
Flomatika Dashboard


Gain a clear view of the key health metrics of your delivery teams.
Because you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Flow of

Understand and address the balance of the work in your delivery pipeline versus what your teams are able to complete.

Source of Delay and Waste

Identify your biggest sources of waste and delay so you can make the right interventions to improve your overall value stream.

Performance Checkpoints

Conduct side-by-side comparisons of key performance metrics across different periods. Compare several periods against a performance baseline using heat map visualisation.

Demand Distribution

Normalise your various demands and remove the noise so you can clearly see if your delivery is working on the right things and how that distribution has changed over time.

Class of

Visualise the various classes of service in your delivery to see distribution, historical trends, and whether reality matches expectation.

Discover the Benefits

Flomatika Dashboard

Flomatika helps leaders understand the health of their delivery system, empowering them to:

Control over productivity, time-to-market, predictability, quality and waste.

Understand fitness level against customers and stakeholders service level expectations.

Connect strategy to execution with an unprecedented level of visibility and transparency.

Balance the demand distribution across the board.

Start Measuring top-level metrics effectively and 
transform your delivery ecosystem with Flomatika.