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Normalise your various demands and remove the noise so you can clearly see if your delivery is working on the right things and how that distribution has changed over time.
Flomatika Dashboard

Demand Distribution

Remove the noise: normalise various demands to see if your delivery is on track and how distribution has developed over time.

Flomatika Dashboard

Class of Service

Visualise all classes of service in your delivery to see distribution, historical trends, and whether realities match expectations.

Flomatika Dashboard

Gain certainty over how items of work are being treated

Understand exactly how your team’s time and energy is spent and how it’s performing overall.


How is your team treating standard items? Are they using the FIFO (first in, first out) principle?


How much effort is your team dedicating to high-urgency high-impact items?

Fix date

Are your teams hitting their expected deadlines? Do they know the costs of delays?


How much effort is your team dedicating to maintenance work or technical debt? Is it the right proportion?


Shared benefits for both Class of Service and Demand Distribution.

Remove the clutter and make data-driven decisions at the portfolio level.

Understand when your expectations are being met and know when it’s time to intervene.

See early signs of any underlying issues impacting your teams.

Identify whether distribution is trending in the right direction, and track how it’s changed over time.

Conduct thorough analysis across past (completed work), present (WIP) and future (upcoming work) perspectives.

Start Measuring Top-Level Metrics effectively using Flomatika 
and transform your delivery ecosystem.